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Unlike other law firms, we don’t draw a bright line between the transactional and litigation aspects of our practice areas.  The attorneys at Sitzer Law Group, P.C. are accomplished and comfortable in the courtroom and boardroom alike.  This approach benefits our clients by avoiding the customary “piling on” of multiple attorneys which occurs at larger firms where a transactional matter becomes contentious and needs to be “handed off” to a new team of lawyers in the firm’s litigation department, or vice-versa, such as when a litigation matter is settled and is “handed off” to a new set of lawyers in the firm’s corporate department to document the settlement terms.

Not only are we able to avoid the burdensome costs associated with the above “inter-departmental” approach, our clients have the added benefit of a transactional lawyer who knows his or her way around the courtroom and knows how the legal documents from a transaction are likely to be enforced -- or not enforced -- in court.  Conversely, our litigation strategy and settlement efforts can be better tailored since, even in the heat of litigation, we always have our eyes squarely on the ultimate business transaction and implementing documents which will allow our client to favorably settle the matter.  This multidisciplinary approach sets us apart from other firms not only in our problem-solving abilities, but also in the seamless approach we apply to successfully implement our strategies.

Due in part to the above approach, as well as to our broad experience in commercial transactions and workouts, we find that many of our clients come to us for a “second” or “third” opinion or creative solution to a problem or a case which their prior counsel was unable to bring to an efficient (or economical) conclusion.  We relish this role and the opportunity to find a new and often non-obvious path for clients who often feel lost in the big firm matrix and, not to mention, buried by their fees.

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